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Bahri Realty Management Services

At Anandam, we believe in giving you the very best. In addition to offering you unmatched comfort in our aesthetically designed villas , we also do realize that your very own piece of paradise should be well maintained and remain as good as new for years to come. Keeping this in mind, Bahri Realty Management Services was established with the intention of providing quality maintenance to all Bahri Estate properties. Our wide range of services include , Operation & Maintenance Services, Housekeeping, Move In Assistance, Laundary , Pest Control , Waste Management Services and a whole lot more. We also organize a various activities and events on a regular basis so that the residents can socialize with each other and we promote an active healthy lifestyle in the lap of nature.

  • Central Dining

  • Purchase Services

  • Horticulture Services

Our Services

  • Dining Services - Each Eligible Occupant shall receive ninety (90) meal coupons each month, redeemable against the daily set menu in the Clubhouse dining rooms, with a validity of three (3) months.
  • Basic Medical Services –We shall provide certain basic medical services to each Eligible Occupant which are as follows:

    • Current Services:
      1. Assisted Living: Advising and helping in taking medicines
      2. Monitoring basic physical health
      3. Assisting in their physically challenged activities

    • Upcoming Services:
      1. One (1) preventative health checkup per year.
      2. One (1) consultations per month with any of the following: general physician, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, dietician/nutritionist, physiotherapist.
      3. Nursing consultations, and
      4. 24/7 access to emergency response system with ambulance support
    • Any Additional Services availed in the Health Centre (such as tests and procedures etc.) shall be charged to the separately.
  • House Keeping

  • House Keeping

  • House Keeping

Services chargeable on a per square foot of the Common Area of the villa basis

  1. Operation & Maintenance Services – BRMSPLshall be responsible for the operation, maintenance and upkeep of the entire Community, including the Clubhouse and the Common Areas. We shall also be responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and Villas within the Community, including routine maintenance, repairs and replacement/refurbishment (of the leased premises and items provided by the Lessor / us only) in the Villas. However maintenance/ repairs required as a result of deliberate sabotage or for instances provided in the Lease Deed as being to the cost of the Lessees, will be billed separately to the Lessees. BRMSPL will also conduct maintenance and repair of all standard fixtures, including plumbing, sanitary, electrical, and lighting and woodwork, provided to the Lessees inside the Villas. Requests relating to other non-standard items/ non-provided items may also be looked at by BRMSPL but may invoke an additional charge. BRMSPLreserves the right to determine when it would make repairs, assign priorities and perform scheduled maintenance
  2. Move In Assistance – BRMSPL will arrange for shifting your furniture from your home town to the villa and assist in fixing all electrical and electronic items. **
  3. Laundry – BRMSPL shall provide the service of washing, hanging clothes out to dry and ironing clothes, as and when needed.
  4. Pest Control – BRMSPL will carry out periodic pest control measures both inside and outside all Villas within the Community.
  5. Waste Management Services – BRMSPL will provide for disposal of waste from the Community campus.
  6. Car Wash – BRMSPL will provide with car washing service to all In house guest & visitors of Bahri Beautiful Country. **
  7. Emergency Call System (Upcoming Service) – BRMSPL shall monitor an emergency call system installed in each villa and will make best efforts to respond to emergencies without any delay. In the event of delay in responding to such emergencies, the Parties hereby agree that BTMSPL shall not be liable in any way.
  8. Security Services – BRMSPL shall endeavour to keep the Community secure through provision of security guards and physical security devices and has a right to verify information of residents, guests, visitors, staff etc. for security purposes. BRMSPLshall make every effort to conduct security checks on employees. In the event an employee is found to be involved in theft or has committed any other act/ omission of a similar nature, BRMSPLshall provide assistance with the related investigations. However, the Parties hereby agree that, BRMSPLshall, in no event, be held liable in any way for such acts or omissions of an employee.
  9. Transportation – BRMSPL shall have a Vehicle which shall run on an as and when needed basis for the customers.
    (Upcoming Service)Internal transportation within the Community will be provided by way of battery operated vehicle, subject to their availability
  • Transportation within community

  • Move In Assistance

  • Gardening

Services/ facilities chargeable on a per Villa basis (regardless of size of the Villas)

  1. Membership of the Clubhouse - Right to access and use the facilities within the Clubhouse, except facilities such as the spa, gym, etc., which shall be charged separately. BRMSPLmay modify the availability and configuration of such facilities from time to time. The Eligible Members may use these facilities at their own risk, and BRMSPL would take no liability in case of any accident, injury etc caused to any member while using such facilities. The Eligible members must use all facilities with proper care, caution, and in consultation with their doctors to ensure they are medically fit to use facilities
  2. House Keeping - BRMSPLshall perform housekeeping services (including cleaning, mopping, and dishwashing, garbage removal, running the washing machine, making of beds etc.) in relation to the Villas as per request. The schedule for providing housekeeping services as well as the housekeeping calendar shall be prepared at the sole discretion of BRMSPL
  3. Horticulture Services – BRMSPL’s horticulture team will ensure upkeep and maintenance of the complete hard and soft landscaping within the land area of the Villas and the Community
  4. Library Services - BRMSPLshall maintain a library in the Clubhouse and allow residents to access all reading books and periodicals kept within the library. The number of books/ periodicals, their variety and the subscription to any such books/ periodicals shall be determined by BRMSPL, at its sole discretion.
  5. Concierge Services - BRMSPL shall manage a concierge desk within the Clubhouse for the utilization of the residents. However, the residents shall be charged separately for any services they may wish to avail from the list of services provided by the concierge.
  6. Purchase Services – BRMSPL shall take care of all your basic purchase needs with set limits. BRMSPL shall help you procuring all your purchase needs at a minimal service charge.

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