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Frequently Asked Questions

World's Best and India's most Awarded Retirement community ANANDAM

Yes you can, but you cannot live in the property till you are 55 years. During this period you can rent out the property to a person who is eligible for staying in the property.

At least one person from a couple has to be above 55 years of age is the basic minimum criteria. Other than that Aamoksh One Eighty will also try and ensure that the residents are selected in a manner that they are suitable to live in a complex like this. This is to ensure that others do not feel threatened by the presence of any other person at the retirement resort, for this from time to time there may be applicable criteria for selection which may include things like health issues, profile/background of people and any other reasons as may be deemed appropriate from time to time.

Yes you can, but we would recommend that if you intend selling the property you go through the process in consultation with Aamoksh One Eighty and/or Bahri Estates to ensure that the property is sold to people who intend using it for the purpose of retirement home.

Aamoksh One Eighty will help you find a tenant for the property for the period when you do not have any use for yourself. While there is no guarantee which we are providing to you, but given the need in the market we are hopeful that there would be a lot of takers for the property on rent.

Maintenance and related charges would be applicable for different services. There would be a maintenance charge for managing the common areas and service charge for providing services like food, laundry, villa maintenance, power backup, housekeeping services etc. There will also be services on a pay per use basis, which would include things like, Golf, Salon and Spa use, Personal transportation, Medical services, Assisted living services etc.

Maintenance charges for maintaining common services will be payable irrespective of whether one resides in the villa or not. For the services like food, laundry, villa maintenance etc., there would be some basic level charges that would be levied for maintaining minimum level of services, this will predominantly be levied to ensure basic level of services and their fixed cost being recovered.

Yes you can have visitors staying with you for short durations. We would also create some infrastructure where your visitors can be provided with some other vacant cottages which you may hire out if you have more visitors than you can accommodate. For visitors there would be a separate charge for services being used.

Yes we will allow pets, as long as they are not threatening to the other residents. Hence it would be ideal to have smaller pets which can be easily handled and do not cause disturbance and risk for other residents.

We have an approval for a medical centre as part of the township being developed and expect a nursing home / medical centre at the Bahri Beautiful Country, to be able to manage all kinds of emergencies. In case the person needs to be taken to a specialised facility then we would ensure speedy movement of resident to either a preferred facility which has been indicated or a recommended facility where Aamoksh One Eighty would have created a tie-up.

We would be creating facilities to provide assisted living, which includes assistance with everyday chores, like movement, bathing, clothing, medicines, feeding etc. The centre would not have facility for specialised nursing care or managing certain specific kind of illnesses for which people would need to be moved to a specialised hospital or care centre.

Bahri Estates is the developer for Bahri Beautiful Country, they own the rights to develop the township and have got into a Maintenance Agreement with Aamoksh One Eighty for managing and providing the services to the residents of the Retirement Community. The construction and development will be taken up by Bahri Estates, wherein Aamoksh One Eighty has provided inputs for the design of the units and the services and once the property is handed over to the owners, will start providing the services to the residents.

There is no comparable option at this point in time for reference, but we would advice not to expect more than 3-4% of the total value of the property as monthly rentals.

Retirement living in India is a new concept and most of the current developments are more focussed on providing a basic lifestyle to the seniors. Aamoksh One Eighty will be the first international company to enter India, in the retirement living space. The company will focus on customised retirement lifestyle management and provide services at the level of five star standards.

The Villa will not come furnished with furniture and appliances, the residents will have a choice to either bring their own furniture if they so wish or if they want help with furnishing then we would provide services which will help people with furnishing their Villas, at additional cost.

There will be a maintenance deposit that one would have to pay at the time of registration of the plot, this money will be used for creating infrastructure to provide the maintenance services to the residents. Over and above this there would be monthly maintenance expenses and other charges which will be payable on a regular basis.

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