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Recreation at Anandam

Recreational-activities at Anandam

At Anandam Retirement Community create a lifestyle that is entirely your own. Do what you want, whenever you want to – we’ll help you make it all possible. The recreational activities at the township are specially designed targeting the senior citizens. After all the GOLDEN YEARS are the best part of your life.

  • Mountain View Club


  • The proposed Bahri Mountain View Club is a 40000 sqft club set in the 120 acre Bahri Beautiful Country Township and is nothing short of paradise. From Multi cuisine restaurants for the ultimate foodie to a fully equipped gym and fitness center. From spas and massage centers to multi purpose halls, We Have It All.

    We also offers you an innovative wellness program that is designed to keep you on top of the world. Walking programs, recreational sports, aquatics, low-impact exercise, holistic offerings, yoga and more, are all part of our comprehensive program.

  • Croquet


  • A fun addition to the recreational activities present at the township is Croquet. Croquet has been traced back to the 1300's and originated in France and is thought to be an in-door version of lawn-bowling to be played in times of inclement weather.

    Croquet as a sport and is even gaining in popularity today as a rather high class sport on the level of badminton. This is a game or sport that will continue to be played for fun or sport by all age groups and especially seniors because of the ease to play.

  • Football Golf


  • Football Golf is an unique sport that was introduced at the township and is meant to get all the residents involved.FootGolf is exactly as the name suggests, an exciting mix of football and golf.

    Is great for family and friends because rather than participating individually one by one.It’s a relaxing and competitive activity well suited for groups and families.This 'hybrid' sport is growing in popularity across the world and is terrific fun for anyone with a passion for golf and football.

  • Movie Screening

    @ Anandam

  • Come nightfall, the activities at the township are still at full flow.Fun nights with open air movie screening are a regular feature at the township. Events such as Tambola, Music & Karaoke Nights , Barbecues Etc are also organized in the township for the entertainment of the residents.